How did it all start

& what's with the name?

It all started with a little red wine (doesn't it always?) and the PITA of carrying around a separate toothpaste tube + toothbrush to keep our white smile from staining purple.  We called the red wine stains on our white teeth "Funkk" and we wanted it "OFF!"


We quickly realized that coffee, tea & all food also easily got in the way of our pearly white smiles! PEOPLE! Why isn't there an all-in-one product that combines a toothpaste (+) toothbrush that's reusable and easy to use like our lipsticks - to take with us when we're outside socializing?


Discreet, Reusable & Portable.

Convenient and easy to fit in your purse or pocket... you can be

"Red Carpet Ready"

whenever you step outside.


You work hard to have a radiant smile, keep it that way. 


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