Joelle S. Flynn

Founder & CEO

I started working at 14 because I could.  I've always been an Entrepreneur.  I LOVE to use my wild imagination to creatively find easy solutions to simple problems - and build companies from the ground up!  At 22, I became a Stockbroker which gave me the financial tools and practices that I use in my business ventures today.  I needed to solve a personal problem I had of trying keeping my teeth white and clean on- the-go... and didn't see a product on the I invented and patented FunkkOFF!

Sonia Hounsell


From an undergraduate degree in Finance to an MBA focused on Marketing, I have spent years working on businesses, big brands and innovation in Fortune 100 corporations.  I've always been passionate about product development and bringing brands to life. Then I realized I really needed THIS product and wanted to have it with me all the time every day.  So I decided to put all those years of marketing experience to work to have FunkkOFF! in my purse and yours too!I

From friendship to FunkkOFF!

We met in 7th grade! and hit it off immediately.  Over the years we've had many, many experiences together... and apart... 
FunkkOFF! has brought us together on this exciting venture and we cannot wait for you to try it!
Grab your girlfriends and come on this journey with us!
We are so grateful to Funkking Fantastic partners who help us do what we do!
We could not do this without our FunkkOFF! Family! Check them out!
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